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Alabama - Fairhope
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A trip to Fairhope in a campervan rental is an unforgettable experience. You can walk through the flower-lined streets, take in unique shops and eateries that are particular to this area of Alabama, or just enjoy some time under moss-covered oak trees while basking in Mobile Bay's breathtaking sunsets!

Fairhope is a small, yet scenic town located on the Gulf Coast of Alabama. The old downtown area in Fairhope offers everything one would need for their beachfront property; it has charming shops with unique brands and antique stores lining its streets. There are also some great parks you can enjoy when looking over Mobile Bay from this historic city!

Fairhope is a town full of cyclists, with miles and miles worth of trails that wind their way along the coast. There are even some old historic neighborhoods in which you can explore too! There is plenty to do in this small and charming Southern town!

Fairhope Fun Facts

For over 50 years, Fairhope has experienced the "jubilee" phenomenon. During jubilee, it's possible to catch fish, crabs, and other sea life near the water's edge.

Fairhope is a city in Baldwin County, Alabama. It is located on the shored of Mobile Bay on a sloping plateau along the cliffs.

Fairhope was founded in late 1894 and established as a colony by the Fairhope Industrial Association.

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