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Alabama - Fort Payne
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Fort Payne is every campervan rental vacationer's dream, from its enchanting waterfalls to its beautiful scenery and colorful city attracting visitors from far and wide. The city has something for everyone..

A must-see on your campervan rental vacation is Little River Canyon Preserve Located on top of Lookout Mountain, the river has three main waterfalls which include Little River Falls with one fall that’s just 11 feet high but still worth seeing. DeSoto falls which can be seen from Wayside Park across town and is often considered to have some of Alabama's best views.

Campervan rental vacationers looking for a unique experience can visit Orbix Hot Glass. In this creative studio, visitors can find a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes crafted by the talented glassblowers at Orbix Hot Glass. The company strives to create one-of-a-kind pieces that will be treasured as memories from visitors Alabama stay in Fort Payne.

If there's time left, visitors can stop by Sally’s Smokin’ Butt BBQ, This Fort Payne restaurant is popular with locals and tourists, and basically, anyone who enjoys barbeque food. Whether visitors enjoy succulent meat combos of pork and brisket, ribs, chicken, or a mouth-watering dessert, Sally's has them all.

Fort Payne Fun Facts

The military documents show that Cantonment Payne existed in the fall of 1837, became Fort Payne by December 1838 and was a major emigrating depot for those seeking to leave their home during this time period.

Vintage 1889 is a quaint little restaurant with an intriguing history. The impressive mill was once used for making hosiery and socks, providing the perfect backdrop as you enjoy your meal on their 125-year old heritage!

Step back in time to enjoy a movie at the old-fashioned drive-in theater. The 411 Drive-In Theatre located in Fort Payne is open every night from Memorial Day until Labor Day, and weekends throughout the year!

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