Alaska - Ketchikan
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Alaska - Ketchikan
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Ketchikan sits at the southernmost entrance of Inside Passage in Alaska. The waterway runs through some beautiful Alaskan wilderness nicknamed "the beginning of the last frontier" and is perfect for exploring in a campervan rental.

Ketchikan’s downtown area is the main commercial district and houses two large harbors, several cruise ship docks as well as many attractions. One can find historic Creek Street which runs along Ketchikan Creek on stilts or enjoy a picturesque walk by taking in all that this small town has to offer!

The Ketchikan road system is an opportunity to rent a campervan and explore more of Alaska's natural beauty. The 38-acre Settlers Cove State Recreation Site features 14 campsites nestled among lush rainforests and overlooking scenic coastal areas, plus it has its own quarter-mile hiking trail with an observation deck!

There are three things you'll find here: feisty salmon served fresh, idyllic scenery with mountains as backdrop perfect for fishing trips or scenic tours by boat (or kayak), plenty more wildlife than people. Ketchikan is perfect for a campervan rental adventure.

Ketchikan Fun Facts

Ketchikan is a town in Alaska. It was incorporated on August 25, 1900, with just 800 residents at the time!

Ketchikan is surrounded by the Tongass National Forest. The 17 million acres make it one of America's largest forests, and you'll find plenty more to explore in Ketchikan itself!

The Misty Fjords National Monument is a natural wonder near Ketchikan. Glaciers have carved these 2 million acres of fjord over time, creating ice-blue lakes and cliffs up to 300 feet high in this area!

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