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Arizona - Williams
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Williams is a small city that gets tons of visitors from all over the world. Located on historic Route 66 and also along the Southwest Chief Amtrak train route, it's perfect for campervan rental vacationers looking to get away and have fun.

Visitors can drive their campervan rental there but you will also love the 65-mile scenic train ride through rolling hills and narrow valleys, all while enjoying drinks with your love ones. With views of lush greenery like they have never seen before from up high looking out onto open fields below; it's no wonder why this train is so popular among tourists!

Visit the Bearizona Wildlife Park, you can experience a variety of different animals in their natural habitats. You'll be able to drive around and walk through some areas that are open for visitors while others have GIANT fences keeping them separate from drivers. The bears especially love getting closer than 4 feet away because then they come right up to your campervan rental.

Stop by Pete's Route 66 Gas Station Museum if you are passionate about the historic Route 66, and love antiques! It’s full of old photos as well. What will be even more fun is that everything in this small but cute museum was displayed inside an abandoned gas station; there's also a vintage car parked outside for your viewing pleasure.

Williams Fun Facts

The town of Williams is named for a famous trapper, trader, and mountain man who often trapped in the area. His name was William Sherley "Old Bill" Williams (1787-1849).

The residents of Williams were excited to see another boom in 1926 with the completion of Historic Route 66. This historic highway made cross-country travel by car easier and more people flocked into town as a stop along their way towards California or Arizona, which also had easy access points via ferry from Portland Oregon on navigable waters at this time too!

Williams, Arizona, situated on Route 66 in Coconino County is referred to as the “Gateway to the Grand Canyon.

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