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Beautiful mountain views and crystal clear rivers give Arkansas the name, "The Natural State." Visit places like Little Rock, Hot Springs, and Bentonville in a camper van rental.

Get a sense of a southern metropolis like Little Rock, and be sure not to miss the one-of-a-kind Eureka Springs or the hiking paths and limestone caverns such as Blanchard Springs Caverns. A trip to the Crater of Diamonds State Park is also highly recommended where you have the option of digging for actual diamonds and you can keep what you find.

Arkansas is a part of the great American landscape. From rugged mountains and rolling rapids to historic small towns with caves and mines; Arkansas’s natural features reflect its scenic variety from coast to the interior. The state is also known for blues, jazz, folk music - all born in one place! After hearing some local musicians at your favorite bar or even catching them on national tours like Jason Isbell or Band Of Horses? You will always remember this iconic land by their lyrical tunes echoing through every corner of this old Southern town

Arkansas is always a great place to visit if you want to get away from it all. Arkansas is home to national parks, lakes, streams, and forests, but it is also home to vibrant metropolitan areas like Fayetteville, Hot Springs, and Little Rock, despite its rural reputation. Like its sister states, Arkansas has social centers and stadiums, allowing visitors to experience one-of-a-kind Arkansas culture and take advantage of the state's various common hideaways.

Arkansas Fun Facts

Arkansas operates the only diamond mine in the United States.

There are over 600,000 acres of lakes in Arkansas, as well as over 9,700 miles of streams and rivers.

Arkansas is home to seven national parks, 2.9 million acres of national forests, seven national scenic byways, three state scenic byways, and 52 state parks.

The Arkansas River is the longest of the Mississippi-Missouri river system's streams at 1,450 miles long.

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