California - Channel Islands National Park
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California - Channel Islands National Park
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The Channel Islands are home to one of the oldest human habitation sites in North America and are made up of five neighboring islands. The marine sanctuary is located a short distance from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, ideal for campervan rental getaway.

The beautiful Channel Islands are open year-round offering incredible views and hiking. We suggest renting a campervan for a plant & wildlife tour of Santa Cruz Island. Maybe do some shoreline fishing in the pristine environment.

Anacapa Island offers spectacular views and sea lions can be found laying out at the rock formations at Cathedral Point. Summer is the most popular time to visit the islands as Blue Whales can be seen passing by as they migrate north.

Springtime also has its magical qualities as the islands are lush green and the wild sunflowers all bloom in the midst of the nesting seabirds. Santa Cruz Island is an ideal location for renting a campervan, and any adventure seekers interested in sea cave kayaking, hiking, and snorkeling.

Channel Islands National Park Fun Facts

The Channel Islands cover an area of over 249,000 acres across all islands.

The park gets over 500,000 visitors per year.

The oldest human remains found in North America dating back to 13,000 B.C. were found on Santa Rosa Island in 1959.

There are only three species of mammals that are native to the Channel Islands: the deer mouse spotted skunk and the Channel Islands fox.

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