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California - Pismo Beach
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Pismo Beach is a seaside city that offers visitors natural beauty and surfing charm. With vineyards covering hillsides, Pismo beach provides the perfect view for enjoying wine at sunset with a campervan rental!

From swimming and hiking to kayaking, surfing, or golfing, Pismo Beach has an array of outdoor sports activities that are sure to satisfy any sports aficionado. White sand beaches call out for you to come to enjoy a pleasant stroll along its pristine coastlines.

Pismo Beach is one of California’s premier family vacation spots, with its great weather and fabulous area wineries. Prefer an active holiday? Central Coast Golfing, riding the dunes in a four-wheel ATV, or horseback riding can all be part of your adventure on Prism!

If you're looking for a great family vacation spot, Pismo Beach is the place to go. Not only are there plenty of kid-friendly attractions nearby such as Dinosaur Caves Park and The Monarch Butterfly Grove (both in close proximity), but it also provides an ideal location if traveling with your loved ones because many other major tourist attractions can be found nearby too!

Pismo Beach Fun Facts

When you get to Pismo Beach, the weather will always be amazing. On average there are 315 days of sunshine per year and it's sunny 365 out of those possible 366 days!

Pismo Beach is a must-see spot for any traveler, and the stunning views of this beach town are enough to keep you coming back time after time. It's conveniently located just 3 hours from Los Angeles in California!

Pismo Beach is the only place in California where you can get down and dirty with ATV riding on pristine white sand beaches

-no matter what time of year!

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