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The best camper van rentals near Wrightwood, CA

Whether you're an experienced skier or just starting out, Mountain High has some of the finest runs in southern California. Take a trip to Wrightwood and enjoy miles upon endless kilometers for your camper van vacation.

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The beauty of Wrightwood can be found in its natural surroundings, from the wildlife and scenic views to lush green forests. Why not rent your camper van so you don't have to limit yourself with the type of place you want to visit? I recommend hiking through some trails on a cool sunny day or making an afternoon picnic near one of the most beautiful areas, The Spring Pool Trail.

Wrightwood is not just a great place for fishing, it can also be called the dream of any enthusiast. From its lakes and reservoirs, there are some excellent choices which include Caldwell Lake or even Wright, a small but beautiful body of water that has been known to house trout weighing up to six pounds.

Imagine the laughs you'll share with your family this winter when they're stuck in one place. Take advantage of mobility by renting a camper van and going skiing or tubing. The fun doesn't stop there because racing down frozen slopes is always exciting even for those who don’t have any skills yet.

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Wrightwood Fun Facts

The first inhabitants of Wrightwood were the Serrano tribe, who left behind a long history when they moved to California.

From a cattle ranch, apple orchard, and now a sleepy mountain resort community, Wrightwood has been through quite the evolution.

Wrightwood is named after the man who first discovered it, and now no one can deny its beauty. When he came to Colton in 1886 his new love was Sumner Wright from Swarthout Valley whom we owe for this stunning valley's fame as well as being a president of a successful company that leads him down such rewarding paths.

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