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Hawaii - Honolulu
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The meaning of Honolulu in the Hawaiian language is “calm port” or “sheltered harbor”. Honolulu's tropical climate, lush natural scenery, and many world-renowned beaches make it a popular global destination for tourists. Take advantage of a campervan rental to get the most out of your Hawaiian holiday.

There are many hiking opportunities in Honolulu. Haiku Stairs, aka, stairway to heaven is 4000 steps that will get you pretty close to heaven on a journey up the Ko’olau mountain ridge. Nothing is easy about this hike, and it is a long way up! The US Coast Guard originally made this wooden stairway path into place back in the 1940s. It was built to allow construction and access to a radio tower located at the top.

Snorkeling and swimming are always part of a Hawaiian getaway. The crystal blue waters of Hawaii are perfect for checking out the underwater world up close on a snorkeling day trip or try a charter boat complete with water toys like jet skis and water slides. With miles of beautiful beaches to enjoy in Honolulu, walk along the surf, or catch a wave.

The food scene in Honolulu is epic. You can find cuisine from around the world and there is no shortage of food trucks to grab a quick “plate lunch” (the official street food of Hawaii) for a quick snack. From the pineapple-shaped cookies from the Honolulu Cookie Company to chocolate-covered macadamia nuts from the ABC store, you can also satisfy that sweet tooth as well. Rent a campervan and discover a world of adventure.

Honolulu Fun Facts

More than 100 world-renowned beaches ring Honolulu.

Honolulu is the only city in the entire U.S. that's home to a real royal palace.

Honolulu is the nation’s 11th largest metropolitan area.

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