Hawaii - Koloa
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Hawaii - Koloa
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A uniquely historic and picturesque Hawaiian town, you can explore the Koloa district from Old Koolio Town to beautiful Poipu in a campervan rental and take in the beauty of the island of Kauai.

For those who love small towns with old-fashioned charm, Old Koloa Town is the place to be. From the Tree Tunnel to Poipu, Koloa is a beautiful stretch of land with lush greenery and incredible views. The gateway into this area can be found at Maluhia Road where eucalyptus trees line both sides of the road first planted over one hundred years ago!

Koloa Heritage Trail is a 14-mile drive that provides you with an experience of exploring Old Koloa Town, its surroundings, and geological sites. You can also enjoy the resorts around beautiful Poipu Beach while experiencing a modern change from quaint Old Town Koloa.

Koloa Fun Facts

Kauai is the oldest island in Hawaii with an estimated 5 million years' worth of history.

The first sugar mill opened in Koloa in 1835 and established commercial sugar production across the islands. The sugar era in Hawaii opened the door for immigration that now makes up Hawaii’s unique multicultural population.

Koloa is a delightful little town that lies on the southern side of Kauai. It borders Omao and Poipu, but in true island style, there's nothing to worry about with this area!

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