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Hawaii - Lanai
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The best campervan rentals on Lanai, HI

Known as Pineapple Isle due to its history of having a pineapple plantation that covered the entirety of the island, Lanai is 98% privately owned with the State of Hawaii owning the remaining 2%. This exclusive island is perfect for a campervan rental adventure.

Hulopoe Beach is a popular place to spot Spinner dolphins and sea turtles. The relaxing white sand beach and tranquil surroundings will make your visit unforgettable. While there take advantage of snorkeling in the crystal clear and calm blue water. Lanai has 18 beaches around the shoreline of the island to explore with a campervan rental. Visit just a few or try to see them all.

There are miles of awe-inspiring, serene, and scenic trails that make Lanai a hiker's paradise, everything from easy cliffside walks to intense hikes through a lunar landscape of rock gardens. Puupehe is an iconic Lanai landmark located between Manele and Hulopoe Bay. A short hike from the Four Seasons Resort and 150 feet off the shoreline Puupehe rises majestically 80 feet out of the water. It is a picturesque natural landmark that is also steeped in Hawaiian folklore.

Lanai has 400 miles of road to explore by four-wheel drive. Most RV Camper Vans are made for this type of adventure-seeking. North Lanai has most of the off-road trails to explore. The trip to Kanepuu Preserve from Lanai City is 4.8 miles and 20 minutes on a dirt path. Another few minutes on that path and you arrive at the lunar landscape of Keahiakawelo, aka Garden of the Gods.

Lanai Fun Facts

Lanai’s highest point is 3,370 feet above sea level.

Lanai was formed around 1.5 million years ago by the volcano Palawai and is currently 140 square miles in size.

Begun by Hawaiian warriors leaping into the ocean from an 80-foot ledge to prove their courage, Lanai’s Kaunolu Point many say is the birthplace of the modern-day sport of Cliff Diving. The World Cliff Diving Championships are held here each year.

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