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The best camper van rentals near Chicago, IL

Set against the sweeping beaches of Lake Michigan, the iconic Chicago skyline calls out. When your feet reach the ground in the nation's third largest city, you'll soon appreciate the urban meets natural splendor. Rent a camper van and discover the city's numerous hidden jewels.

Many of the world's earliest and most notable buildings may be found in Chicago. Chicago's skyline is a work of art and is known across the world for its wide range of architectural styles and designs. A local favorite beach with boondocking in Chicago is Montrose Avenue Beach. A great area for renting a camper van, you can also drive down Lakeshore Blvd to North Ave beach. This famous uptown neighborhood beach in Lincoln Park offers a variety of attractions.

Chicago has a culinary style all its own and there are a few signature dishes that simply cannot be missed. The thick crust baked in a deep pan that’s traditionally filled to the brim with cheese and topped with a layer of chunky tomato sauce, otherwise known as Chicago style pizza, is an experience in itself (although real locals prefer brick oven thin crust).  Chicago has a legendary jazz scene and there are world-famous venues and festivals that attract some of the best jazz artists and acts in the world.

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With five different types of movable bridges, Chicago has more than any other city. There's a total of 52 movable bridges within the city limits and 43 are still operable. You may be wondering why there are so many. It’s because the Chicago River has several branches that wind throughout the city.

Due to its location along Lake Michigan, Chicago has amazing beaches and views of crystal blue water that rival those of the Caribbean.

Batman's hometown, Gotham City, is actually based on the architecture of the sleek, and somewhat gritty city of Chicago.

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