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The best campervan rentals in Iowa

Iowa is the home to Field of Dreams, Bridges of Madison County, and is the setting for an iconic painting called American Gothic. It's also a short drive away from many major Midwestern cities in a campervan rental.

Top 3 Campervan & RV Rental Cities in Iowa

Iowa has a rich history in the agricultural industry. Today, Iowa is known for its rolling plains and cornfields that can be seen from just about anywhere in the state! Capital city Des Moines is home to landmarks like Pappajohn Sculpture Park where you will find all sorts of incredible sculptures by modern artists such as Jeff Koons or Louise Bourgeois. The other prominent art center worth mentioning would have to be the Des Moines Art Center with their contemporary collections including works by Andy Warhol or Roy Lichtenstein which are sure not disappoint anyone's sense of taste.

For anyone who has a fascination with the strange and unusual, Iowa is home to some of our country's most peculiar roadside attractions. From big to small, weird to wonderous, there is plenty for you to take your picture in front of at these destinations. Rent a campervan and travel to an Instagram selfie spot like the world’s largest concrete bull or ride one hundred miles on what was once the longest railroad bridge in North America before its construction was halted due to dwindling traffic!


Pigs outnumber people in Iowa by a ratio of roughly 1:7. As of 2013, there were 21 million pigs and 3 million humans—that's about 7 times as many pigs than people!

Iowa is the corn capital of America, producing over two billion bushels per year. The state produces more than any other and even outdoes some countries in production like Mexico with its one-billion plus bushel yearly average.

This land grant institution is among the oldest in our country's history and was founded by President Lincoln himself.

Iowa is the only state bordered by two paralleling major rivers.

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