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Kansas - Shawnee
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With all the outdoor fun opportunities, museums, and cultural villages that make up this thriving metropolis there is something for everyone. With such great options it can be hard to zero in on your top destination but with some research, and a campervan rental, you will find yourself enthralled by what surrounds you!

In Shawnee, Kansas you can still see vestiges of America's past. From the Osage people who inhabited this land for millennia to more recent settlers like Charles Towne Landing’s founder James Waddy, an engaging character in American history himself. A campervan rental is a great way to experience the surrounding area.

Transport Brewery is a local favorite in the city of Shawnee. It specializes in crafting various types and flavors, but their most famous brews are made with Kansas ingredients like Farmhouse ale or Creamy Peanut Butter Porter. A campervan van rental will transport you there!

Shawnee Fun Facts

The name Shawnee Mission comes from the old Methodist mission that was set up to minister and teach religion among Native Americans.

The elevation of Shawnee, Kansas is 1066 feet above sea level.

When the first county seat, Gum Springs was founded in 1856 it became known as a thriving town with plenty of natural resources. In 1922 it was reincorporated and the name was changed to Shawnee.

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