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Michigan - Detroit
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Detroit is a city unlike any other with its rich musical and industrial past. It has many top attractions including museums, performing arts festivals, foreign cuisine all into one incredible place to explore with a campervan rental.

Detroit's sports scene is not to be missed by any die-hard fan, athlete, or tourist. All major stadiums are within walking distance of each other and the new Little Casers Arena will soon open in the 50 block district which already has five professional teams playing there!

Detroit is a hub for culture, offering more than just the typical music scene. You can attend Broadway shows at historic venues like The Fox Theatre or Fisher Theater and listen to classical performances at Detroit Opera House as well as visit institutions such as the DIA that are among some of America’s top fine arts collectors.

The Detroit River is a popular site for leisure and entertainment from Campus Martius Park's urban beach to Belle Isle Park. The river offers an array of outdoor activities that are perfect for relaxation in any season, rent a campervan, and enjoy the city in all its splendor!

Detroit Fun Facts

The largest island park in the United States, Belle Isle is a popular tourist destination for those who enjoy nature and animals.

The oldest ginger ale brand in the United States, Vernors, while no longer made in Detroit still endures after 150 years. They've been around since 1866 and provide consumers with a tasty yet refreshing beverage to enjoy any time of year!

“I Have A Dream”, written by Martin Luther King, was originally given in Detroit.

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