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Michigan - Marquette
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Take a trip to Marquette County in a campervan rental and enjoy the beauty that awaits you. You will be able to experience everything from breathtaking hikes, long scenic drives, blood-pumping bike rides all while making memories with those people who mean so much in your life!

Lake Superior is a stunning blue gem on the shores of Marquette, Michigan. You can find natural beauty here from rugged coastlines to pristine forests and awe-inspiring waterfalls that will make your worries melt away!

The best way to experience Marquette is through Presque Isle Park. With a lush forested landscape and dramatic shoreline, this park offers scenic beauty year-round! Bike along Peter White Drive for an interesting commute or put on your hiking boots if you’re looking for something more active.

There are plenty of trails that will suit anybody's needs including easy strolls with great views up close at Dead River Falls all the way up Sugarloaf Mountain where one can capture spectacular images without ever having to move.

Marquette Fun Facts

The village of Marquette began on September 14, 1849, with the formation of the Marquette Iron Company.

There are many reasons to visit Presque Isle Park, Marquette's most popular park. It has 323 acres of mostly forested land and juts out into Lake Superior on the north side of town - it was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted who also did Central Park in New York City!

The city has two popular beaches, South Beach Park and McCarty's Cove. This small fishing village serves as a reprieve from hot summer days where you can enjoy cool water temperatures with the refreshing effects of sea breeze!

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