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Michigan - South Haven
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South Haven is the perfect place for you to get away from it all in a campervan rental while still enjoying some quality time. Enjoy outdoor activities like fishing or hiking, then head over into downtown where there are plenty of shops with unique items that will make your heart sing!

South Haven is a hidden gem in Michigan. The town has so much to offer from its beautiful beaches, award-winning wineries, and delicious restaurants that will leave your mouth watering for more! You'll never want to go back after experiencing this quaint beach destination with all its offerings.

The quaint beach town of South Haven offers a variety of activities for the entire family, including walking downtown with unique shops and restaurants. You can also enjoy maritime history in this area that has plenty to offer visitors who are looking for more than just sunbathing on their vacation!

The surrounding areas have beautiful nature trails as well as gorgeous golf courses, making them ideal locations whether you're taking part or spectating during your campervan rental experience.

South Haven Fun Facts

South Haven is a historic city that's been around since 1869 and as a city, it was incorporated in 1902.

The Kal-Haven Trail is a popular biking destination, and it's just one of many that can be found in the greater South Haven area. For those looking for winter fun on two wheels or four legs, there are plenty more trails to explore!

With its tall ship, the "Friends Good Will" in the Michigan Maritime Museum is home to one of South Haven's most famous attractions. The museum also features an electric launch that provides fun for all visitors!

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