Montana - Flathead Lake
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Montana - Flathead Lake
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Campervan rentals are perfect for anyone that wants to explore all Flathead Lake has to offer. From hiking, biking, fishing, and more there is no end to fun activities you can do on your holiday.

Flathead Lake has over 200 square miles of water with 185 miles of shoreline. Spectacular views can be found at each one of the six State Park units that are located around it, including Wayfarers, Wild Horse Island, West Shore, and Yellow Bay.

Whether it's a sunny day or you're feeling rainy, fishing is one of the top things to do at Flathead Lake. It doesn't matter if you want company with your catch-and-release activity because there are more than enough fish in the lake for everyone! The native species include cutthroat trout, northern pikeminnow, bull trout, and mountain whitefish as well as western cutthroat trout which can only be found on west coast rivers along with Montana and Idaho."

Flathead Lake Fun Facts

The deepest point of Flathead Lake is 371 feet. By comparison, Lake Tahoe is over 1600 feet at its deepest point.

Originally called Salish Lake after the tribe, the name was changed to Flathead Lake.

Before the melting of glaciers it is believed by scientists that the water level was 500 feet higher.

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