Montana - Gardiner
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Montana - Gardiner
2 Campers Found

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With its old architecture and culture, Gardiner city is a popular tourist destination. It's also perfect for those looking to have a memorable campervan rental vacation.

Gaucho Sprinter Campervan 2006 T1N 158"WB

Freightliner 2006 T1N 158"WB

High Top in Park County

$375/ night
Serapis Sprinter - Free JAC airport shuttle & 150 miles per day!

Mercedes Benz Sprinter 144"

High Top in Teton County

$265/ night

For all your outdoor needs, there is the Kennebec River Trail. This six-mile stretch of the paved path winds along a sleepy river and offers breathtaking views in every direction! With plenty to do from jogging or walking with friends to biking down this scenic route, you'll feel like an explorer trekking through unknown territory while enjoying its natural beauty firsthand.

Hop in a campervan rental and catch a show at the Johnson Hall Performing Arts Center, this is an organization that brings a variety of shows to locals and tourists alike; they also host performance art camps. The historic building has been renovated with great seats for 117 people who want to enjoy what's on stage!

Chadwick’s Craft Spirits is a cozy place where you can enjoy drinks crafted right on the spot. Their signature cocktail, the Raspberry Smash was created for locals and tourists alike who love it! You might even get to speak with Chad himself. Have fun finding out how they make these awesome cocktails in person.

Gardiner Fun Facts

The town of Gardiner, MT is located along the Yellowstone River at the north entrance to Yellowstone National Park.

When you stand in any one of Gardiner's public school's lobby, your feet are exactly 1 mile above sea level.

Gardiner's history actually pre-dates that of Yellowstone National Park. The town was officially founded in 1880, making it one hundred years old this past April!.

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