Nevada - Great Basin National Park
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Nevada - Great Basin National Park
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The Great Basin National Park in eastern Nevada is a high elevation and mountain landscape. The park offers panoramic views, ancient trees: Bristlecone Pines that are over 4000 years old, and adventure with a campervan rental. Wildlife includes bighorn sheep among other creatures living happily there.

The Great Basin region of the American west encompasses towering peaks, solitary wildernesses, ancient bristlecone groves, and 40 known caves filled with unique cave life. 6 campgrounds welcome visitors to this fascinating area including Lower Lehman Creek Campground, Upper Lehman Creek Campground Wheeler Peak Campground Baker Canyon Grey Cliffs Snake Creek

Hikers will be able to enjoy the trails at Great Basin National Park for six summer months, from June until September. The park offers over 60 miles of developed hiking trails that vary in difficulty and length; this makes it accessible to most skill levels. Many hikers even recommend taking a break on Mountain View Nature Trail before heading out on Lexington Arch Trail or Bristlecone and Glacier Trails.

There are many popular areas to fish within Great Basin National Park. Baker Creek, Lehman Creek, and Snake creek offer the best fishing with over 20 species of trout living within their waters! To ensure safety while enjoying your favorite activity at night you must obtain a license from the Nevada Department of Wildlife before heading out into the park for some stargazing.

Great Basin National Park Fun Facts

Wheeler Peak has an elevation of 13,064 feet and is the tallest mountain in the Snake Range.

There is a 6,235-foot difference between the highest trail in the park, Wheeler Peak at 13,060 feet above sea level, and the lowest trail, Mountain View Nature Trail at 6,825 feet above sea level.

Great Basin National Park is an amazing place for stargazing because of its low humidity and minimal light pollution that make some of the darkest night skies in the United States.

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