New Mexico - Cloudcroft
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New Mexico - Cloudcroft
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Cloudcroft is a quiet mountain village and a perfect weekend getaway in a campervan rental. The town has everything you need from outdoor activities to restful relaxation, including 480,000 acres of open forest that make for great hiking or bike riding!

Cloudcroft is a delightful and captivating place to visit all year round. In the summer you can enjoy cool mountain air while getting away from the heat in your own private cabin or at one of many lakes around town where swimming is refreshing!

The winter brings with it cross-country skiing opportunities for those who want more than just superficial peace - when they've had enough fresh snowfall there are also ice skating rinks available so people never have an excuse not to try something new again.

This wonderful town also has a thriving downtown area with shops, restaurants, and unique businesses to visit. You can also explore the logging history of this region at a local museum or enjoy some fun events planned throughout the year!

Cloudcraft Fun Facts

One of the best things about Cloudcroft is that it never gets old. You can always find new places to explore or people you haven't met yet!

The name "Cloudcroft" came from the fact that the town is 9,000 feet above sea level and is blanketed by clouds.

Up until the mid-1940s, the only way to travel to Cloudcroft was via train.

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