New Mexico - Red River
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New Mexico - Red River
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Red River is a place where you are never at the mercy of your surroundings. Whether it's fishing in the morning light, hiking through the deep wilderness, or exploring new destinations in a campervan rental--every day brings something special!

Red River is a welcoming mountain vacation destination for skiers, hikers, and bikers. From zip-lining to fly fishing, this small town in New Mexico offers many fun activities that are sure not only to refresh but also rejuvenate your spirit! The breathtaking scenery will make it hard (if not impossible) for you to leave before exploring all there is to see in Red River.

Red River, as well as surrounding area lakes and streams, offer a year-round challenge for fly fishermen looking to experience the true mountain lifestyle. Head from Main Street in any direction towards your choice of multiple forest trails that will take you into awesome landscapes perfect for jeeps, ATV's, and motorcycles. There is much to do in Red River in a campervan rental.

Red River Fun Facts

The town, once known as River City was later re-named after the little Red River that flows from Wheeler Peak's slopes through its gates.

Red River was a prosperous mining camp by 1895, with gold and silver in abundance. At that time, the population was estimated to be around 3,000 people!

Red River has five registered historical places. The Little Red School House Museum, Orrin Mallette Cabin, Sylvester (Vet) Mallette Cabin and Melson-Oldham Cabins all stand on the same property. Pierce Fullers house also sits among these structures where you can see its beautiful architecture dating back to 1820's when it was built!

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