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Oregon - Pacific City
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Pacific City is a city that ranks among the most picturesque in America. The perfect location for your campervan trip with family, this coastal paradise has some of our finest beaches on offer!

Pacific City is a camper's dream. They have several county, state, and private campsites right in town! The Big Nestucca is also known as slow running water with plenty of room to either canoe or kayak if you don't want your vehicle bogged down by dirt roads this summer.

If you're looking for something more active, why not try bird watching in Pacific City? there are several species to be seen there (including Bald Eagles and Puffins), these birds make up their own society--with crows, ravens, seagulls, or herons. All year long I have been able to watch them fly overhead with thousands of migrating geese!.

Pacific City is an idyllic spot for those looking to make the most of their time in a campervan. Whether you're seeking easy access with tide pools galore, or just beachcombing everyone's favorite pastime - Pacific city has what every adventurer needs! The best part? Their sandstone formations provide both children and adults alike with plenty of areas to explore.

Pacific City Fun Facts

The Semidi Island Aleutian Cackling Geese have made Pacific City their only wintering spot in the world.

Pacific City is one of only a couple of dory surf launches on the west coast even today. The first boats to take off were horses, but eventually, they evolved into something much more powerful and dangerous.

The town of Pacific City gained its modern name in 1909 to avoid confusion with the Washington, DC-based Ocean Park.

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