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The best campervan rentals in Rhode Island

Rhode Island is a great place to take rent a campervan. With nearly 400 miles of coastline, you'll never get bored exploring Rhode Island's watery world! If it weren't enough to explore land and sea, this nature lover's paradise contains all manner of outdoor activities from bouldering to hot-air ballooning.

Our Favorite Campervan & RV Rental Destinations in Rhode Island

The Ten Mile River Greenway is the perfect scenic place to explore nature, ride a bike, or jog and enjoy all of your favorite activities. Take a campervan and travel to Providence or Warwick and enjoy miles of open space at your disposal for a hike or picnic.

It's a beautiful, sunny day and you've decided to go for an early morning jog. As soon as your feet hit the ground on this mossy path you'll feel energized by nature at its finest. Crisp air filling up your lungs with oxygen and oak trees rustling all around you!

The best way to explore Rhode Island is through its many parks and trails. From the gorgeous Beavertail State Park, located in Jamestown with its breathtaking views of Narragansett Bay, there are hundreds if not thousands more unique landscapes waiting just wait around every corner!

Rhode Island Fun Facts

Fort Wetherill State Park, situated upon 100-foot high granite cliffs across the water from Fort Adams State Park, is a former coastal defense battery and training camp. It is also a popular scuba diving spot.

The White Horse Tavern was built in 1673 and is the oldest operating tavern in the United States.

Rhode Island has 15 State Parks, and 10 State Beaches.

Jerimoth Hill is the state’s highest point at 812 feet above sea level.

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