South Dakota - Badlands National Park
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South Dakota - Badlands National Park
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A campervan rental vacation in the Badlands is a great idea! The area is rich with fossils of ancient horses and rhinos. It's also beautiful, attracting visitors from all over the world.

The Badlands National Park has something to offer every type of visitor. This is why they have a Junior Ranger Program, which allows families with children to participate in activities such as hiking the Fossil Exhibit Trail and learning about the unique environment of this park.

The 244,000 acre Badlands National Park is a vast expanse of mixed-grass prairie where bison, bighorn sheep, black-footed ferrets, and much other interesting wildlife live. The park also has the highest density of social trails for hikers to explore which leads to backcountry campsites that campervan rentals are perfect for.

The Badlands Loop Road is a must-see experience. Here, you can see bison and pronghorn antelope as well as many other wildlife species from your car or on foot! After a day of exploring the park, take in an amazing view at one of our grassland plains complete with mountains for miles around before retreating the comfort of a luxury campervan rental.

Badlands National Park Fun Facts

The 244,300-acre national park was designated in 1978 to protect the land.

In 2019, almost 1 million tourists experienced the beauty of Badlands, 970,998 to be exact.

The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, home to the Oglala Sioux Tribe and adjacent to Badlands National Park, is a place of beauty.

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