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South Dakota - Rapid City
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Rapid City, South Dakota is a destination unlike any other. With plenty to offer outdoor enthusiasts and history buffs alike, it's no wonder that campervan rental visitors can't get enough of this small town with big-city amenities!

Rapid City is the perfect place for history buffs and outdoor enthusiasts. It has six national parks to explore including Badlands National Park (home of Mt Rushmore), Wind Cave National Park which contains one of America's longest known cave systems with over 37 miles in length! There are also two mountainous regions including the Crazy Horse Memorial Recreational Area. Mount Rushmore and the Black Hills are popular hiking destinations not far away that offer panoramic views.

People who enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and fishing can find ample options. For those interested in exploring mountains or hills there are National Parks that offer scenic views of all different landscapes to explore including creeks with waterfalls as well as lakes for water activities.

Rapid City Fun Facts

Rapid City has a piece of the old Berlin Wall for visitors to experience one of the world's darkest moments.

Downtown Rapid City is home to numerous art galleries, a British Pub and plenty of other fun places for everyone.

Rapid City hosts the annual Black Hills PowWow (He Sapa Wacipi Na Oskate) which is one of the nation's premier Native American cultural events.

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