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Texas - Corpus Christi
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Feeling the sand between your toes and exploring a historic aircraft carrier are just two of many things to do in Corpus Christi with a campervan rental. Not to mention visiting top-notch museums.

Corpus Christi has an amazing selection of beaches. For those who love the water and sand, there are idyllic settings perfect for swimming or surfing while others might prefer to spend their days at one beach with friends cuddling up in front of a nice warm fire pit next to a campervan rental.

Climb aboard the USS Lexington to see a war museum and enjoy some climbing, but be aware that this is an active vessel so you need your own gear. Visitors can get up close with ships from World War II or simply stroll through decks overlooked by turrets

Walk a few blocks south on North Shoreline Boulevard and you'll be at the Texas State Aquarium, where patrons can get up close to diverse aquatic animals that live in our region. Watching Atlantic bottlenose dolphins play or feed stingrays is just one thing they may do while there!

Corpus Christi Fun Facts

The Centennial House on North Broadway was a confederate hospital during the Civil War.

George Bush, Sr. received his Naval Aviators wings at a time when Corpus Christi was the capital of aviation in Texas and a one-stop for sailors from all over America.

The USS Lexington is said to be a fascinating ship to visit. It comes as no surprise that a portion of the movie Pearl Harbor was filmed on-board, as well as many other films and tv shows including Saving Private Ryan!

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