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Texas - Rockport
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Rockport City has everything a campervan traveler could wish for. It’s rich in interesting museums and historic landmarks that provide vast natural areas with picturesque beaches to explore off the beaten path!

Head to Rockport Beach, a recreational area with an endless supply of sunny days and warm water perfect for surfing or just laying out. You can also try your hand at catching the many fish indigenous to this part of town- they are known not only as delicious but pretty interesting creatures!.

Visit the Rockport Center for Arts to expand your skills and enjoy a stroll through an art gallery or sculpture garden. You'll find this community arts center set within a blue-walled Victorian-style home open Tuesday through Sunday!.

Grab your campervan and head to the Texas Maritime Museum is a must-see for anyone interested in maritime history. Discover the rich ocean-faring heritage of this state, from early European exploration to the present day with interactive exhibits and artifacts that will take you on an immersive journey through time!.

Rockport Fun Facts

Rockport was named after the rock ledge underlying its shore.

The picturesque fishing village of Rockport has been a favorite coastal hideaway for wealthy Texans since the 1800s.

Fulton Mansion State Historic Site in Rockport offers a glimpse into the past as lived by cattle barons George and Harriet Fulton, who built the mansion known as Oakhurst in 1877. In its day, it was known as the epitome of Victorian splendor.

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