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Texas - Surfside Beach
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Surfside Beach is a chilled-out village nestled on the Gulf of Mexico about an hour south of Houston. With perfect waves, fish that will make your friends jealous, this is one campervan vacation you don't want to miss out on!

Surfside Beach is a great place for relaxation and recreation, but that's not all it has to offer. The waves provide the best surfing in Texas, and they’re only feet from shore. So if visitors are looking for a surfside spot that's not too far but still provides perfect conditions every time of year then head on down to Surfside Beach Park!

Surfside Beach is home to some of the best fishing in America. Whether guests stay closer to shore or charter a deep-sea excursion, there are a variety of fish that can be caught there such as bull redfish tuna, and sharks which means any fisherman will find success no matter their skill level!

When you've worked up a texas size appetite enjoying yourself on the beach, not too far from Surfside Beach you have 8 local restaurants just within this area with everything from seafood and burger joints all the way up through fancy dining experiences in sleek chic cafes along our beautiful shoreline!

Surfside Beach Fun Facts

Known as the Cradle of Texas, Surfside Beach is home to one of its most famous historical sites - Fort Velasco. The actual fort was located near current City Hall and at this port that Stephen F Austin arrived with his colonists in 1821

There was a battle fought between Texas colonists and the Mexican military in Surfside Beach - a conflict preliminary to the Texas War for Independence. On June 26, 1832.

After a few name changes, the most recent one being Surfside Beach in 1952. The town was known as “Ark” first then Roaches which lead to Floral before finally settling with its current moniker of just plain old "Surf."

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