Utah - Arches National Park
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Utah - Arches National Park
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Rent a camper van and head to Arches National Park, an oasis in Utah’s red rock country that is full of natural sandstone arches. The park consists of a beautiful landscape that cannot be beaten!

Hiking through Arches National Park, you'll discover a landscape of contrasting colors and textures that is unlike anything else. Rent a campervan and discover unusual features and rock formations like fins; spires; hiking trails for all levels; and stunning sunsets over the riverbed below. Whether biking or rock climbing (or simply stargazing), there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy in this park.

Bicycling outside the park is a great way to experience the surrounding area with many mountain biking trails of varying difficulties. The Arches National Park has hiking trails that vary in difficulty and provide access to several viewpoints and incredible arches that aren't visible from roads or parking lots.

If you're interested in climbing at Arches National Park, there are several things to know. For one, white chalk is prohibited and climbers must use color-matched rocks instead of the traditional colored powder. Also, keep an eye out for amazing wildlife when hiking around the park during your campervan rental trip.

Arches National Park Fun Facts

Arches have over 2,000 natural stone arches and hundreds of soaring pinnacles, giant balanced rocks, and massive rock fins.

Covering a total area of 76,359 acres, Arches became a national park on November 12, 1971, and get an average of 1.5 million visitors annually.

Located in the high desert with elevations from 4,085 to 5,653 feet above sea level, rock layers in the park reveal millions of years of deposition, erosion, and other geologic events.

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