Utah - Zion National Park
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Utah - Zion National Park
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The best campervan rentals near Zion National Park, UT

A campervan rental is the perfect way to explore Zion National Park. Located in southwest Utah, this nature preserve features steep red cliffs, 146,000 acres of land to enjoy and plenty of freedom camping in the surrounding area.

Mercedes Benz Sprinter 144" AWD Modern Van near St. George

Mercedes Benz Sprinter 144"

High Top in St. George

$280/ night

Explore Zion National Park with its vast array of trails that vary in difficulty, offer scenic views, and enjoy access to them by riding the free shuttle. You can take your campervan through the lower part of Zion, but will need to use the shuttle to access the upper hikes like Angels Landing.

If you enjoy cycling, then riding a bike at Zion is fun! However, bicycles must use the Pa'rus Trail and are not allowed on certain roadways or in construction areas. The best route from the south entrance to take while using your bicycle would be along Pa'rus trail instead of staying on main roads as shuttles cannot pass moving bicyclists.

Zion National Park is home to 2,000-foot sandstone cliffs and offers some of the best big wall climbs. The park service recommends only experienced climbers attempt these difficult routes. Conditions are ideal during March through May and September through early November.

Zion National Park Fun Facts

You can experience an endangered species at Zion. The California Condor, the largest flying bird in North America, can be found in the wild at Zion National Park. With a wingspan of 10 feet from tip to tip, they can fly as fast as 55 mph and reach heights of 15,000 feet. 

Due to Zion National Park’s varied terrains and elevations, there is a spectacular variety of animal life. 79 mammals, 32 species of reptiles/amphibians, 289 species of birds, and 8 species of fish make Zion National Park their home.

The Anasazi Indians originally occupied Zion Canyon. Traces of their magnificent sandstone villages, rock art and network of roads can be found throughout the park.

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