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The best campervan rentals in Wyoming

Wyoming is the least populous state in the nation and one of its most pristine. Two national parks, Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park are located in Wyoming which makes it perfect for a campervan rental.

Top 3 Campervan & RV Rental Cities in Wyoming

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High Top in Teton County

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Wyoming's western half is mostly covered by the ranges and rangelands of the Rocky Mountains, while the eastern half of the state is a high elevation prairie called the High Plains. it’s not uncommon to spot impressive wild animals like bears, bison, elk, and coyotes roaming the plains of this vast and beautiful state.

Ranching has been a big part of the Great Plains culture for generations. These local ranches are home to many tourists who want to experience authentic cowboy and cowgirl dream experiences, like eating biscuits in an old cabin or roping cattle from horseback. The country's first dude ranch is Eatons' Ranch, while Vee Bar Guest Ranch and Gros Ventre River Ranch are also popular favorites on vacation weekends out west.

Wyoming offers some of the best big-city amenities in a quaint, Western atmosphere. In Cheyenne and Casper, you'll find museums, special events like rodeos or festivals for every occasion with local shopping as well as excellent culinary options from breweries to distilleries. The popular gateway town Jackson has fine dining and boutique shops along with spectacular stargazing at night!

Wyoming Fun Facts

Most of Yellowstone, the nation’s first National Park, lies within the borders of Wyoming. Established in 1872, 44 years before there was a National Park Service, the park hosts nearly 4 million visitors each year.

Since the mid-1800s, Wyoming has been an important destination for fossil hunters. Dinosaur bones were so plentiful in one area of southeast Wyoming that in the late 19th century, enterprising locals used bone fragments to construct a cabin that still stands today!

Old Faithful, the infamous cone geyser located in Yellowstone, got its name because of how dependable its eruptions are. The geyser erupts about every hour and a half, on average, and more than 90 percent of predictions about its eruptions are, according to the Park Service, accurate within a ten-minute window.

Wyoming may be landlocked, but it's still home to dozens of islands. There are 32 named islands within the state’s borders, most of which are located in Green River, Yellowstone Lake, and Jackson Lake.

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